My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 #MBFGreekWedding2

April 14th, 2016 | Posted by fantabulessmedia in Comedy | Movies

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Everyone's favorite overbearing Greek family is back on the scene as Toula and Ian prepare to send their daughter off to college. With the travel agency closed due to the recession, Toula has lots of time on her hands to volunteer (maybe a litttle too much) at her daughter Paris' school and to be the family "fixer".

The movie takes a turn when Gus decides to use the internet to prove that he is in fact a direct descendent of Alexander the Great. While going through his family records he finds his original marriage certificate that had not been signed by the priest that married him and Maria some 50 years ago.  Maria takes this opportunity  to have the wedding that she never had, but it will only take place if Gus will "properly" ask her to marry him.  With Aunt Voula at the helm the family calls in all of their favors and pulls together all of their resources to give Gus and Maria the wedding of a lifetime complete with borrowed tuxedos from the Funkateers singing group, and having Ian's father borrow flowers from his mortuary connection. 



Even though Paris thinks her family is overbearing, she knows that they love her. In fact they love her so much, they ALL followed her to New York so she could settle into the dorms at NYU. With her family gone and a new bottle of Windex in hand, Paris is left to start her own journey at NYU. 


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