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March 14th, 2016 | Posted by fantabulessmedia in Movies & TV

Photo Credit: Fuller House Facebook Page

If you grew up in the late 80's and early 90's then chances are you watched a few seasons of Full House. Week after week my siblings and I tuned it so see Uncle Jesse and Uncle Joey help raise the Tanner girls. When Full House went off the air, it ended an era of wholesome, family friendly prime time television.  




Fast forward to April 2015 when John Stamos (Uncle Jesse) announces on Jimmy Kimmel that Netflix is going to stream 13 episodes of the Full House spinoff simply called FULLer House!  It took almost a year from the date of that announement for the finished product to hit the airwaves.  On February 26th at the stroke of midnight, hundreds of thousands of Full House fans around the country began streaming the very first episode of Fuller House! 


The very first episode was literally a reunion with the entire original cast minus the Olsen Twins.  Watching the gang gather together on the old white and blue plaid sofa took me back to 1986.   This time instead of Danny being the widow on the show, DJ is a widower raising three young boys after her husband was died fighting a fire.  Middle child Stephanie and next door neighbor Kimmy Gibbler move in to help DJ take care of the boys. 

Photo Credit: Fuller House Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Fuller House Facebook Page


These ladies came together and blended a modern day family second to none. Between the shenanigans, the punchlines and the constant referances to current pop culture, good old fashioned family values still ring true at the Tanner house.  Whether it's DJ getting back into the dating scene, Kimmy dealing with a pending divorce, or Stephanie giving up her dream job of travelling the world as DJ Tanner, they can count on one another for support and love. I think the producers have just the right amount of appearances by Uncle Jesse, Aunt Becky, and Uncle Joey. When they pop in for a visit it is truly a suprise, and at the same time they have their own lives to live and the series really focuses on the DJ raising her kids with the help of Kimmy while raising her own daughter and Stephanie becoming the cool aunt.


Some of my girlfriends binge watched all 13 episodes overnight and into the wee hours of the morning. I watched 3 episodes and then I paced myself because I didn't want them to all be gone too soon. Over the course of a week I finished the rest only to long for an extra episode or two. Imagine my suprise when Netflix announced season 2 of Fuller House! I can't wait to see the direction they take the show in the next season. Hopefully they can get the Olsen Twins onboard so Michelle can make an appearance or Facetime or something! In the meantime I'll be watching Full House from the beginning with my children so they can experience  classic tv shows without violence, profianity and sex.


Photo Credit: Netflix

Photo Credit: Netflix



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