10 Reasons To Take Your Family On A Cruise

February 25th, 2016 | Posted by fantabulessmedia in Uncategorized

According to the Cruise Lines International Association, an estimated 24 million passengers will take a cruise somewhere in the world during 2016.  Of those 24 million, about a quarter of the cruisers will be familes with children.  My family recently returned from a cruise to Mexico and we can't wait to book another one. Below you will find 10 reasons to pack up your family and get to cruising this year!



1. Transportation, Lodging, Food and Entertainment All In One

Dollar for dollar, cruising is a very affordable option for families. Considering your fare takes care of the transportation, lodging, food and entertainment you can actually come out ahead. I'm sure my kids ate more than their fair share of room service and got our money's worth in entertainment. Some promotions actually give you credits to use onboard, and you can even spread your payments out over several months.


2.  Ultimate Relaxation

There is nothing like relaxing on the open seas. Whether you are lounging by the pool or on the balcony of your room watching the waves go by, the calm and serene waters can relax your mind and even lower your blood pressure. 


3. Family Bonding Time

Your family can spend as much or as little time as they want to spend together. It's nice for everyone to be able to do their own thing but still come together for a meal, a game or a show.


4. Amazing Sunsets and Moonlit Nights

There's nothing like watching the sun set at sea. When the sun falls below the horizon and the sky is painted with beautiful colors, it will take your breath away. A few hours after sunset the moon rises and dances on the water all night long. 


5. Multiple Ports Of Call

Each port of call is a miniature vacation within itself.  You can be ziplining through the jungle today in Puerto Vallarta, and tomorrow you can be on a deep sea fishing adventure in Cabo San Lucas.  The locals make the destinations well worth the it. 


6. Leave Your Camera Behind

No need to carry a camera, because there are photographers all over the ship to capture you family's special moments.  They are there to chronicle your disembarking at each port, and by the time you make it back to the ship your photos are ready for purchase. I suggest that each family takes at least one formal photo on each cruise.


7. Plenty Of Age Appropriate Entertainment

From childrens camp and teen clubs, to adult comedy shows and everything in between, all of your entertainment needs can be met on the ship. Some ships have movie theaters and sky diving, others have musicals and they all offer days and days of fun for everyone. My kids love the freedom to do what they want to do, and we like the fact that they are all on the ship somewhere or another. 


8. Time To Get Away From It All

Since cell phone reception is not that good on cruise ships, you can leave the world behind and focus on your family. If your kids are in danger of wasting away without Instagram and Snap Chat, there are social media plans that you can purchase for a small fee. 


9.  Dining Options For Everyones Pallet

Buffets, casual dining and fine dining options are available all day long.  On the Carnival Miracle there was a light night buffet and a made to order pizza cafe open all night long. The kids enjoyed soft serve ice cream throughout the day and endless soft drinks with their Bottomless Bubbles card. 


10. Cute Little Towel Animals

Housekeeping leaves little towel animals after cleaning the rooms. The kids love coming back to their state rooms to find elephants, swans and monkeys hanging around the room.  




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We want to go on a cruise so bad!!! I have been planning and wishing for it for some time. Hopefully we can check it off our list sooner rather than later.

Cara (@StylishGeek)

I love taking my family on cruise vacations, for many reasons, including the ones you indicated in your post. I love the fact that it’s a worry-free vacation for me. Can’t lose the kids because the only place they can go is within the cruise ship! And there’s always an activity for everyone!


We were planning on taking a cruise, just the two of us, then we were welcomed with an unexpected surprise. Now that the suprise is three years old, I’m thinking maybe we could take all three kiddos. It sounds like it’d be fun for all of us.


I recently took a Western Mediterranean cruise on Norwegian cruiseline and it was the worst holiday of my life! I was lured in by the reasonable price, but the quality of food, entertainment, etc. was very poor and turned out not to be a good value proposition at all. It was so bad, we considered disembarking and Naples and flying home from Rome just to get off that dreadful ship! We’ve also had nice cruising experiences, but you definitely have to research the cruiselines before choosing one, and not book based on price alone.


We have thought about taking a cruise. Haven’t quite taken the plunge yet, but maybe someday we will. Perhaps we’ll go to Bermuda!