Portions Out of Control

September 23rd, 2015 | Posted by fantabulessmedia in Health & Wellness

Have you ever went grocery shopping and two days later you find out that your kids have eaten a weeks worth of snacks in 48 hours?  With 5 teenagers in the house, my food bill is quite costly but I realized it was my teens out of control more so than my spending.



My kids would pour a bowl of their favorite snacks and eat until they were full or the box was completely gone.  Not only would all of the food be gone, but so would my money.  I thought buying in bulk was better, but that just allowed them to eat more faster.  I had to do something to get their eating under control as well as my grocery bill.

I decided to make a snack box and bag up portions according to the serving size on the package of the products. I have to admit some of the serving sizes were quite small when I actually read the packaging. Nonetheless I grabbed my handy kitchen scale (read the review here) , some plastic bags and got to bagging.  Now the kids can just grab a bag or two and be on their way. It makes lunch prep a breeze, and it has allowed me to regain control of their eating habits and my grocery bill.



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Aileen Adalid

This is actually a brilliant idea! I know how I can ‘binge eat’ for as long as there’s still food on my hands (or in a pack/bag). So surely if they come in small packages, that can curb my eating habit. Kudos for you for thinking of this!

Emma Spellman

This is a really good idea. My kids are both under 3 so they don’t eat much. My best friend has two boys in middle school and she say that it gets crazy. I know I will be using your suggestion when they get older.


Oh yes, I can relate and it happens a lot of times. Bag up portions sound like a brilliant idea. I will definitely do this, but I have to keep the other bags where my kids can’t see them or they will just gobble them up fast.

Felicita Moncada

I love this idea! It would not only save me time for help with portions! My kids pack their snacks every day so this would be an easy way for them to grab in the mornings.

Cynthia @craftoflaughter

This is a great idea, one I follow. Portion control is a big problem and too many people eat the entire package without realizing it is many servings! Thanks for sharing