5 Tips For Buying and Selling in Facebook Yardsale Groups

March 27th, 2015 | Posted by fantabulessmedia in Money Matters


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As a mom of 5 teenagers and a pre-teen, I am always looking for a bargain.  There are plenty of good deals to be had right around your neighborhood if you know where to look.  Facebook has a lot of groups where moms trade/buy/sell household goods, childrens clothing, and even weekend cabin rentals. You heard me right. Moms in YOUR neighborhood are selling designer duds and fancy china for pennies on the dollar. If your family is going skiing and you kids are only gonna wear the boots a few time, then this would be the place to find them. Follow the tips below and you can start snagging bargains or earning money for your previously loved treasures.


  1. Join groups in your neighborhood.  These groups tend to be smaller and more intimate, and chances are you probably already know a mom or two in the group.
  2. Make sure the items that you are selling or trading are cleaned and/or working condition. Nobody wants to buy dirty goods.
  3. Take photos with good lighting to highlight your items and be very descriptive about them. List measurements, sizes, etc.
  4. Don’t be afraid to haggle. Afterall this is “yardsale”. With that said don’t be rude and insult sellers with lowball offers.
  5. BE SAFE.  Some people prefer to meet in a public place and some prefer to pick up from your home. Do whatever YOU feel comfortable doing. I normally meet at the library, but if it’s a high ticket item I prefer to meet at the bank where there are lots of cameras.


With Spring in full swing it’s time to clean out those closets and turn your stash into cash!


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