Why My NEVER ENDING Laundry Basket Is A Blessing, NOT A Chore

May 13th, 2014 | Posted by fantabulessmedia in Uncategorized

Since the birth of my second child, it seems like I have always been behind on laundry. It started with skipping a day here or there and I have yet to catch up! Fast forward 13 years, and I’m STILL behind on laundry. Since I have 6 children, I do more laundry than the average mom. Each night that my kids shed their clothing, that’s one load right there. I currently wash 3 loads a day, six days a week. I figured if the Lord told us to rest for a day, the washer should get a rest too!

As the kids got older, their clothing got bigger and so did the laundry. There was a time when the ironing board was a permanent fixture in the living room because from sun up to sun down I was doing laundry. Let’s not even start talking about the socks that disappear and leave the lonely mate behind. I FOREVER have a basket of unmatched socks because I know soon as I toss them out, the mates are going to magically appear, lol! I used to dread doing laundry, especially when my kids were still wetting the bed. Back then, wet sheets meant I had additional laundry to do on top of my regular loads. Today I am pleased to say that I consider it a blessing to do my household laundry. Here’s why:

1. Dirty gym clothes means I have a hot husband that is working out and sweating to stay hot and sexy for me.
 2. Dirty basketball uniforms means Joey Jr. is playing his favorite sport and having fun with his friends.
 3. Dirty rugby shorts means my oldest son is a beast on the rugby field instead of hanging out on the street corner.
 4. Dirty choir shirts means my girls are making joyful noises and learning music theory at the same time.
 5. Dirty Boy Scout Uniforms means  my boys are learning life skills and giving back to their community.
 6. Dirty potholders and oven mitts mean my kids are experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.
 7. Dirty sheets means we are blessed to have a roof over our heads and beds to put those sheets on.
 8. Dirty table cloths means we managed to have Sunday dinner and EVERYONE was there.
 9. Dirty mittens and beanies means we are blessed and prepared for chills and cold that Winter brings.
10. Dirty towels means I have 8 clean bodies that I am blessed to have as my family.


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